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Alexander R., Traditional braces

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my teeth. Both me and my family thank you so much for giving me a great looking smile.

All the staff members were great, they always recommended me to try new ideas on how to stay on track with my progression during the period of me having braces. Overall everything went perfect, other than the lack on my part with my rubber bands.

Furthermore i must say thanks again for everything you did for me over the course of my visits there.

Cleo L., Clear self-ligating braces

The service I received was oustanding. I was referred by my new dentist. I showed up at Dr. Bui's office without an appointment. She worked me into her schedule.

Even though she could see I was very upset that this would be my second go around with braces, she patiently explained reasons why people had to wear braces twice and she explained what she could do to minimize my trauma.

I have truly enjoyed, if you can say enjoyed, seeing the orthodontist. She is very professional, personable and kind.

Great experience.

Samara G., Traditional braces

I had a great experience at Dr. Bui's orthodontics. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. The office is clean and homey. I also enjoy that it is always Dr. Bui who always works on my teeth which makes the experience more personal.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my teeth as well. Overall, the entire experience was awesome!

Juliana G., Traditional braces

I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Bui. I love how precise she is and that she seems to be a perfectionist which is great because then you know you'll get a great set of teeth when the treatment is over.

I also think it is very sweet how she always makes little ice cream parties and things like that because it just shows she reallly cares about her patients. I'm really glad I got braces here!

The Kovesdis, Traditional braces

When looking for an orthodontist for my daughter, Dr. Bui came highly recommended by our family dentist. We are so pleased to have chosen her care.

Dr. Bui and her staff are so caring and are there to cater to our needs at each and every visit.

Thank you, Dr. Bui, for making my daughter's orthodontic experience a fun and pleasant one!

The Nickels, Traditional braces

We enjoyed our time with Dr. Bui. Not only was the staff really nice and friendly, the appearance of the office is very put together and comfortable.

Andrea C., Traditional braces

My experience here was very enjoyable. I was never more uncomfortable than normal, and if I ever was, Dr. Bui would fix that. Here they also do what is best for you.

In addition, they have fun little parties every once in a while, and even though I couldn't attend any I thought it was a neat idea.

I was very satisfied with how my teeth turned out, they look very nice and I am really excited. Now that I have a retainer, they still have me in for checkups to make sure everything is still good.

All of this shows that they are a very caring orthodontics office.

Amanda W., Traditional braces

I put off getting braces for a long time. Dr. Cohen recommended I come to Dr. Bui and I could not be happier.

Everyone here is nice and friendly. Dr. Bui is very knowledgeable and I feel confident that I chose the right orthodontist. She is wonderful.

I tell everyone I know that if they are looking for a good orthodontist they should come here! =)

Jade R., Invisalign

Dr. Bui’s office was helpful to me from the beginning. They were very courteous and friendly. They would always be sure to call and confirm appointments or any changes in the appointment.

I never really thought my teeth were that crooked but after using Invisalign I’ve seen a major improvement in my smile. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my treatment. I never thought my smile could look this good.

During my first consultation I had my options open thinking Invisalign would be far too expensive. Luckily, Dr. Bui offered CareCredit with no down payment and low monthly payments, which really was the reason I was able to go with Invisalign.

I was always aware of what was happening with my treatment because Dr. Bui was sure to thoroughly explain everything and to answer the questions I had.

Without a doubt I would recommend Invisalign and Dr. Bui’s office if anyone I know is looking into orthodontic treatment.

Jade Ricketson started Invisalign treatment with Dr. Bui beginning February 2009. For more information about Invisalign please visit

Sheena G., Traditional braces

I started my treatment for braces in Winter of 2008. Starting out, my teeth had numerous problems such as overcrowding and overbite, but Dr. Bui has corrected them.

My teeth have greatly improved. I'm very pleased with the results so far, and my treatment isn't even finished yet. I can't wait for the final product!

I've enjoyed Dr. Bui along with her staff and recommend them to everybody because they're friendly and care about their patients.

James L., Lingual Braces

Dr. Chi Bui is wonderful! I drive down from Los Angeles because I couldn’t imagine going to see anyone else. She is brilliant in her field and uses the latest, most advanced techniques available.

I have braces on the back of my teeth and Dr. Bui makes the entire experience easy, fast and painless. No one can even tell I have braces on. Because of her willingness to be open and engaging about all the various treatment options and the processes, we never had any surprises along the way. She is as patient as she is thorough and now, after only a few short months, I have a perfect smile.

Dr. Bui’s office is as warm and inviting as she is. The staff is super professional and is always more than happy to accommodate scheduling requests. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering braces to go see Dr. Bui. She is both a perfectionist and the perfect orthodontist.

Thanks, Dr. Bui!

James Low has been with our office since August 2009. For more information about lingual braces please visit

McKenzie R., Traditional braces

Dr. Chi Bui and The Ortho Bee staff have truly changed my life for the better!

My teeth have moved so quickly and very easily. My teeth are now something I like about myself and others do too! I was voted Best Smile at my school with braces.

The friendly Ortho Bee staff is a miracle for teeth!

Sasha V., Invisalign

I started treatment with Dr. Bui in March of 2009, and am currently in my final year of treatment.

I knew I needed braces because of teeth alignment problems primarily with my incisors (front of the mouth). After asking my dentist for recommendations for an orthodontist, he gave me three names. I made appointments with all three orthodontists, and was offered a range of services and prices by each.

Dr. Bui was the only one who offered me Invisalign, and came in with a reasonable pricing estimate. She conducted my consultation with professionalism and courtesy, and was obviously knowledgeable and well-qualified. Her facility was very new, her staff friendly, and she uses a digital x-ray machine with 90% less radiation than conventional x-ray methods. I chose to become her client, and am very happy with my decision!

Although I am only half-way through my treatment at the time of writing, my smile looks outstanding, and the Invisalign system allows me to remove the retainers while eating and when giving presentations, etc. - convenience far beyond braces.

One of the other orthodontists who had been in business a long time said Invisalign did not have enough torque to correct some of the alignment issues that I had. Turns out that Dr. Bui’s assertion that I could use Invisalign was indeed correct, since I had a back molar that was almost sideways, and is now straight!

I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Bui and her services based on her results, professionalism and general demeanor. Thanks for a very pleasant treatment experience and most importantly, a great smile!

For more information about Invisalign please visit

Rob D., Invisalign

"I'm not a kid anymore..." That's what I told myself as I waited to meet Dr. Bui in her office for my initial consultation. But I figured The Ortho Bee was smiling, the people were friendly, and she had been highly recommended by my dentist so I decided to give it a shot.

Dr. Bui explained to me the options I had and we decided that Invisalign would be my best solution. The process has been convenient and painless, which were to key things in deciding on the option that best fit my lifestyle. The game-changer for me though was that the Invisalign is practically invisible. Both personally and professionally this was a big consideration.

My treatment will be concluding soon and I must say the only downside will be that I will not have a chance to see Dr. Bui and her staff of nice people. Maybe they will keep inviting me to the Christmas party every year.

Rob began treatment with us in April 2008. For more information about Invisalign please visit

Patient Comments

Quick comments from Dr. Bui's patients.

"[Dr. Bui is] so gentle. She is so good to me. I love her bedside manner."
- Sopi S.

"Dr. Chi is so great to our girls. She taught my girls how to take care of their teeth. She is a wonderful doctor. We love her."
- The Zans

"I do not have any comments or suggestions to help improve this office. I am so happy with everything I experienced with your operations during the time I spent here."
- C. Tran

"Best service and excellent orthodontist!"
- The Nickels

"Dr. Bui Rox! :)"
- McKenzie R.

"We love Dr. Bui. She always has something new or exciting going on in her office. She is involved in trying to give back to the community by doing candy and food drives, etc. Plus [she is] a sweet and excellent orthodontist."
- The Johnsons

"My entire orthodontic treatment with Dr. bui has been wonderful. I especially liked the personalized attention."
- Anonymous

"Dr Bui is very nice and gives you all the information about what is going on with your teeth."
- Rosie S.

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